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We aim to improve the Franchisee business by providing a distinctive range of products required for various vehicles, which are supplied at several Petrol pumps.


It ranges between Rs 1.8 for selling 1 litre of petrol and Rs 1.2 for selling 1 litre of diesel. In urban areas, the sales of petrol are higher as compared to diesel and, on a highway vice-versa.
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Petrol pump dealership business is a profitable business with highest returns is a general perception among a notable proportion of people in our country. We take pride in our excellent service offerings and never stop working hard to improve our products & services. We provide exclusive dealerships for the leading petrol pump agencies in India. It has been correctly said, “ Fuel flows like Water”. On an average, a petrol pump in a country like India sells almost 5Lakh litres of fuel, petrol, and diesel every month. However, the profitability criteria of petrol pumps have been transformed dramatically over the past decades. The growing number of vehicles across our country, India has led to a drastic increase in fuel demands which has ultimately increased the need for petrol pumps.

Frequently asked

  • Which petrol pump is best for dealerships?
    We have listed the top 6 dealers for installing a petrol pump, please have a look-
    ➔ Indian Oil
    ➔ Bharat Petroleum
    ➔ Hindustan Petroleum
    ➔ Shell
    ➔ Essar Oil
  • How much investment is required to open a petrol pump?
    One must have a good investment capacity to open a petrol pump business. Generally, the two types of charges for opening petrol pumps in India are Rs 12 lakhs for rural areas and Rs 25 lakhs for urban areas, though the amount may vary from dealer to dealer.
  • Which type of land is required for opening a petrol pump?
    According to Petroleum Companies, petrol pumps should be installed at a place that is proximate to the residential area, market areas, or on the National Highway so as to generate revenue. Generally, the area of 800 square meters to 1200 square meters is quite suitable to open a petrol pump.

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